Waldkraiburg, Yes!

Longer drive, not too bad, easy border crossings into Austria and Germany.  

Amazing, warm, audience in the small Bistro inside the Kultur Haus.  So rewarding to play.

Wonderful to visit with Hanwjoerg Malonek again. It's been nearly 30 years since we met. He arranged my first two tours in Europe at the end of the 80's. He did this for several others, including Steve Young. So sad to lose Steve recently. 

I added some photos in Euro 2016 (hover your mouse over "Photos" to see them.) They are out my hotel room in Filzbach before we left.  Beautiful place.

Left my hangup bag in the closet!  Rookie error...  Paul will get it and bring it to Turbenthal for us. Sorry, Paul!

Turbenthal tonight. The last date in Switzerland.

See you down the road.

- Hugh

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