Hugh's Songs by Other Artists (YouTube)

These are recordings of some of my songs by other artists that you might not have access too or be aware of. Some are from countries other than the US. They are all recordings that I love. I hope you enjoy them!

---- Hugh

"Frozen North"

Sung by Jonas Fjeld and Judy Collins with Chatham County Line, from the album Winter Stories.

"Frozen North" was written by Jonas and me in 1999. Jonas has recorded it both in English and in Norwegian, including a version with at full orchestra in 2012. When Jonas and Judy were planning their album together, this song came up and fit perfectly into the theme of the album. The result is one of the most beautiful recordings ever of one of our songs.


"Fall River"

Sung by Jonas Fjeld with Chatham County Line, from the album Brother of Song.

 "Fall River" was written by Jonas and me in the early 1990's. It took a long time for me to get the lyric where I wanted it. The images I had were very precise and not easy to capture, but we're both really proud of it now. This recording was done in Nashville at RCA Studio B with Chatham County line. It's very beautiful.

"Rose of My Heart"

Sung by Foster and Allen, from the album Remember You're Mine

Mick Foster and Tony Allen, a duo from Ireland, have been an international success for several decades. They released "Rose of My Heart" in 1988 and have never stopped singing it since. This is a pure clear sincere sound. I'm very proud of this recording.