"Till the Morning Comes" growing in worldwide markets 

Hi everyone-
The single "Till the Morning Comes" by Jonas Fjeld and Hugh Moffatt has been out for almost a month now. It is getting plays and streams all over the world. The most activity is in Norway, the USA, England, Australia, and New Zealand, but there is some activity in more than 90 countries.
Thank you all for your support! I couldn't do this without you!

Here again is a link to the single on the major streaming services:
For those of you with radio shows, here is the link to the radio download on AirPlayDirect.
See you down the road.
---------- Hugh

Till the Morning Comes released today! 


The single “Till the Morning Comes” written and performed by Jonas Fjeld and Hugh Moffatt has released. The song was originally a hit in Norway by the Norwegian star Steinar Albrigtsen. This is the first time Jonas and I have recorded it. 

Here's a link to a video introduction to the song by Jonas and me.


Follow this link to find the song on all the major streaming outlets (Sorry the link is so long!):


I hope you enjoy it. It was a lot of fun (and work by some very talented musicians) making it.

See you down the road!

  • Hugh

Another single coming - "Till the Morning Comes" by Jonas Fjeld and Hugh Moffatt 

Hi again-

Here's the third shoe dropping for 2024. On March 1, a new single will release commercially by Jonas Fjeld and…yes…me!

When I was in Norway last summer, Jonas and I discussed putting out a single of “Till the Morning Comes”. This is a song we wrote together several years ago. It was a hit for the Norwegian star, Steinar Albrigtsen, in the 1990's. Jonas had never recorded it, so we put the basic track together, Andreas Onerheim completed the production, and now it's ready to roll!

Here is a link to the release page on AirPlay Direct. 


If you are in radio, you can sign up (for free) and download it now. 

Here is a link to pre-save with the streaming services so you'll have it once it releases.


I'll post again when it releases in two weeks.

Till then, see you down the road!

– Hugh

Here's the single! 

Hi all-

It's a busy beginning to the year. Larry Cordle's single of my song “How Could I Love Her So Much” just had its commercial release yesterday! Here is a review from Bluegrass Today of the single that includes a link to the whole song:


Once again, if you're in radio, you can download the radio ready version from AirPlay Direct at this link:


I'm excited!

See you down the road…


New Larry Cordle single - "How Could I Love Her So Much" 


I mentioned that there is a lot happening in the first part of this year. Here's a teaser on the next installment. Bluegrass star, Larry Cordle (of Lonesome Standard Time), released a single on my song, “How Could I Love Her So Much”. It's already out to radio through AirPlay Direct. It will be available on the commercial outlets very soon.

I've heard it and it's brilliant! I'm very excited.

For those of you in radio, here is the link to the AirPlay Direct download for radio.


I'll be watching this one. I think it's going to do really well!

Hope spring is waking up for those of you in the northern parts and fall is arriving peacefully in the southern parts.

See you down the road!


Video performance of "Songs from the Back of the Church" available now 

Hi everyone-

I'm really happy to announce the availability of this video.

In October of 2009, Biff Watson produced a video recording of my one-hour program “Songs from the Back of the Church” in his studio in Nashville. Our intention was to create a DVD version for sale. This never worked out, and the video has been lingering in limbo ever since. Biff recently sent it to me, (thanks again, Biff!) and I have uploaded it to my YouTube channel.

I perform the whole program plus one encore…or bonus song…which is “Light a Candle”, written by John Peppard and me.

Please go to the new “Videos” page listed in the heading and read about it. There's quite a bit of story behind it. I hope you will want to see it. I'm very proud of the program and my performance.

You'll also discover that I have reorganized the website a little. Everything is still there, and, I hope, easier to find.

There are several other exciting things going on right now. I'll be announcing those in the next couple of weeks.

Till then, stay warm if it's cold where you are and cool if it's hot! 

See you down the road…


"Songs from the Back of the Church" (with lunch!) on November 30 


I will be doing my one-hour program “Songs from the Back of the Church” on Thursday, November 30, 2023, at noon at Belle Meade United Methodist Church. Lunch is available at 11:30AM and the program starts afterwards. The program is free, it's $12 for lunch if you want.

Please see the event listing on the “Shows” page (link is above) for details. The church does need an RSVP if you want lunch.

Hope to see you there!


Hugh on Country Radio Switzerland 

Hi all-
I recently recorded an extended interview with Kent Miller of the Swiss Bluegrass Music Association that will be broadcast 3 times in the coming week and then available on the website for a while.
The show is the Bluegrass Show at www.Countryradio.ch 
Times for the live broadcast (click on "Radio Live Horen") are:
Sunday, Oct 15 - 19:00 Switzerland, 13:00 US Eastern Time
Monday, Oct 16 - 15:00 Switzerland, 09:00 US Eastern Time
Thursday, Oct. 19 - 09:00 Switzerland, 03:00 US Eastern Time
After the first broadcast, you can access the recording here:
I hope you can listen in!
See you down the road.
----------- Hugh