New Video Page Added Under "Music" 


I have created a new page under the "Music" heading. If you hover over "Music" you will see a drop down that says, "Hugh's Songs by Other Artists (YouTube)". If you click on that, you will find a new page that has three YouTube videos of recordings of songs of mine by artists that you might not know or have access to. Many are overseas, but all are recordings I am very proud of.

Please check it out!

-- Hugh

TV Pilot script added to Dramatic Writing page 

Hi again- 

I have added the pilot to a half-hour episodic series that I am developing. It's about a teenage couple who are separated into parallel universes as a result of a horrific accident. They will spend the series trying to find their way back to each other. But did what each remembers really happen? And if it did, does the other still remember...or care? 

Like all the writings posted there, it's free to download the script. 

Check it out and let me know what you think. 

See you down the road! 

- Hugh

Warm wishes for the season 


I hope this season brings you joy and regeneration.

I think we've all been a little quiet this year. Quiet is good to a point, but may the energy return in 2022 for wonderful pursuits for everyone. Let's just keep trying to take care of each other whenever we can. 

We'll make the better world we all want.

With love and hope,

-- Hugh

"Reaching Out" and "The Mome Raths" 

Hi again- 

I have just posted to the Dramatic Writing page a short film script (9 pages) called "Reaching Out" and a short play (11 pages) called "The Mome Raths".  

The idea for "Reaching Out" came from the story of a friend of mine in Pullman, Washington. She had an encounter like this after the sudden death of her husband. I, of course, invented all the details, but I hope I captured the heart of what she told me. It's a beautiful story. 

The title of "The Mome Raths" comes, of course, from "The Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll. The characters and the story come from one of those strange places we dip into and out of once in a while. I just happened to capture one of those moments.

It's all free to download. 

I hope you enjoy them! 

------- Hugh

International Writing (really!!) 

Hi all-

My heart goes out to all of those whose lives have been severely disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, up to and including sickness and death. It is a worldwide disaster, and even though most of us will come through it, no one will be unaffected.

As a performer, my work completely ended. As a writer, it's grown. I've heard that Shakespeare wrote KING LEAR during a plague that he lived through. I'm doing my best.

I've done more songwriting this year than I have for twenty-five years, and it's all been international.

My longtime friend and co-writer, John Peppard, who lives in England, made contact with the rising young country star, Daniel Wesley, in South Africa. The three of us meet online and have written four really exciting songs together, one of which Daniel has already recorded! He's a wonderful singer and musician and a convincing performer. I am very excited about this. I will keep you up to date on progress of his new album.

At the same time, I've been writing with another old friend and co-writer, the Norwegian folk-rock star, Jonas Fjeld. This fall, Jonas was inducted into the Norwegian Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Congratulations, Jonas! Over the years, Jonas and I have written many songs, some of which he and others have recorded. You may remember his name from 2019 when he joined with Judy Collins and Chatham County Line to make the album, Winter Stories, which included our song, "Frozen North". They all toured together to packed houses last fall in the USA and earlier this year (pre-Covid) in Norway. Mary and I saw the show in Boston, and Judy recognized me from the stage! That was cool.

Jonas has been working all year on a new solo album and we have written ten (yes, ten!!) new songs, which we both love. The album will be released later next year. I will keep you informed of that also. I am thrilled by all this.

In the meantime, have a warm and meaningful holiday season. With everyone else, I look forward hopefully to the new year.

Stay safe.

See you down the road (somehow!),

--- Hugh

"Tribute to Joe Sun" CD released 

The CD "A Tribute to Joe Sun" has just been released by a group of dedicated musicians in Norway. It consists of 13 tracks by friends and colleagues of Joe's singing songs that he was known for. One of the tracks is me singing "Old Flames". The other artists include Brent Moyer, Alan Rhody, Max T. Barnes, and Austin Church. Here is how to find it. Enjoy. Joe was a great international artist and a great friend. -- Hugh 




Apple Music: 

All songs are also on YouTube

Judy Collins/Jonas Fjeld Concert broadcast on American Public Television 

Hi all-

Hope you're well and safe.

I just learned that one of the Oslo, Norway, concerts of Winter Stories, the tour by Judy Collins and Jonas Fjeld with the band Chatham County Line, is being broadcast currently on public television in the US. It was just shown in New York. The other showings are unknown to me in the different markets. Please look them up locally by searching on "Judy Collins Winter Stories". If it's there, you'll find it.

Here's a link to the American Public Television facebook entry about it:

This concert includes the song "Frozen North" that Jonas and I wrote. It's a beautiful concert, all of it.

See you down the road (someday)!

--------- Hugh


New Page for Dramatic Writing - Plays and Screenplays 

Hi everyone- 

I hope you are working hard on social distancing. Different governments are giving the message differently, but we have to do it. We're the ones who can stop this eventually, just by keeping our distance. It's not always easy, but it has to be done. 

NOW - I have created a new webpage called "Dramatic Writing - Plays and Screenplays". You'll see it in the menu above.

This page will have free downloads of scripts I have written over the years. Some have been produced, most haven't, but... 

I have posted the first one. Here's the description: 

1) A Park Bench (A Web Series) - Season One.   

A PARK BENCH is a script for a web series consisting of 22 ten-minute episodes. The story centers on an old southern woman who lives in a nursing home and the young Englishman she pays to take her to the park to smoke. Oh yes, he's also an alien in love with an earth girl and desperately wants to become human. He believes she can teach him. She doesn't feel human anymore, so doesn't see what the big deal is.  

A lot happens over the course of Season One, and almost all of it happens from their place on a bench in the park where they go for her to smoke and watch the children play. AND---meet an amazing array of humans: evidence that being an alien doesn't actually stand out at all. 

I hope you like it! 

See you down the road (eventually...) 

---- Hugh

David Olney 

There will be a celebration of the life of David Olney in Nashville on March 9, 2020, at the Belcourt Cinema. I won't be able to be there. I met David early in 1973, a month or so after I got to town and maybe six months after he did. I've known him ever since, and like so many others who have posted about him, I miss him, and I can't believe he's gone. 

Here is a version of what I would say if I could attend the memorial in March.


                                                                                                David Olney 

            David loved. 

            I ran into him at a gig in Northampton, Massachusetts several years ago. Gine, Redding, and Lilly were staying with David’s parents in Rhode Island while he toured in the region. The kids were small then. I asked him how the family was doing. He said, “Everyone’s sick. They’re throwing up all over the place.” I said, “That’s terrible”. He said, “Oh well, that’s what agents are for.” 

            The reason he could say that to me is because he knew that I knew how much he loved them. 

            Love is like a scatter gun. Wherever you direct it, it spreads out everywhere. We see this in his songs. David loved Judas, eternally unable to spend the 30 pieces of silver. He loved the iceberg calling to the Titanic. He specially loved the poor fool, who is every one of us, tagging along and heading for Jerusalem tomorrow. 

           David loved, and by loving he gave everyone around him permission to love, too. To love even ourselves. By being so totally David, he gave us permission to be ourselves. I’m so much better because of him. Not because I’m more like David, but because I’m more me, more Hugh, than I might have been. In this way, we all carry him forward with us, and---maybe---do the same for others. 

            And David was something that often seems out of style today. He was decent. That he was brilliant is well documented and will be commented on a lot by all of us as we go forward carrying him inside. It’s his decency, at the heart of everything, that I remember now. 

            David had crazy times, but he wasn’t crazy. He had drunken times, but he wasn’t a drunk. He had lonely times, but he wasn’t a loner. He knew old times, but he was never old. He had hard times, but he was never a hard man---edgy sometimes, offended by insincere foolishness, but ready to do the work necessary when called. He served on the board of directors of his children’s school and knew about making the hard, unglamorous decisions that actually make the world go ‘round. 

           We’re going to remember David for the rest of our lives, and others will remember him through his works and through us. I’m not qualified to tell his story, but I don’t have to. David wrote his own life story. It’s in “Roses”. The lightning strikes and... 

           The old oak tree began to shudder 

           But he held his ground like some old soldier 

           His ancient pride was burnt and shaken 

           But something deep inside did waken 

           He raised his limbs just like Moses 

           And blossomed roses 

           He blossomed roses   

2019 Tour info and photos added - check 'em out! 


I'm closing in on the last part of my 2019 Euro tour. I have three last shows this weekend in Germany and the Netherlands. You can find details on my Shows page. 

I have added some photos in albums under PHOTOS/2019 Tour Photos.  Also a blog about one particular experience under BLOGS/2019 Tour blogs. 

I hope to write more. 

See you down the road! 

--- Hugh