New Physics and Philosophy blog added 


If you are following my Physics and Philosophy musings, I just added a new one titled "Creation". Just hover over the "Physics and Philosophy" button above and it will magically appear!

See you down the road

-- Hugh

UK and European Tour coming in the Fall (and report on a play reading) 

Hi again-

A few of the dates are set for my tour in October-November.

Please see Shows link above for details. More coming soon!

Also, on November 4, 2017, the very talented Michael Ofori directed a staged reading of my full length play Restless at Boston University with a wonderful cast of BU students: Nick Walker, Oreine Robinson, VonDerrick Taylor, Dani Palmer, Christian Scales, Conor Paradis, and Tatianna Jackson.

It was well received with very helpful comments from both the cast and the audience. I have revised again and keep on towards a full production somewhere someday!

See you down the road!

-- Hugh

Happy 2019 

Hi everyone-

Please take time everyday to wish someone well or help someone out. Nothing moves the world out of darkness more than each one of us doing something daily to be better, to make someone else's life a little better, maybe someone who irritates you. We all have to get along somehow.

Even if you're doing other things for the world, do this too!

Looks like I'll be back on the road in 2019.

One date in Worcester, MA in March and then a tour in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, and Germany in the fall.

Watch for dates!

See you down the road

-- Hugh

Join me at Hezekiah Stone's on June 7, 2018 

Hi all-

I will be part of the farewell concert for this coffee house series near Leicester, MASS.

Old friend and wonderful poet Tim Mason has hosted the series for years and is now moving on.

See the events page for details.

See you there!

Other news is that Mary and I are beginning to get a rhythm running The Sherman Guest Home. Here's the website:

Come stay with us when you are in Boston.

------ Hugh

Hugh and Mary move to Waltham! 

Hi all-

This has been brewing for awhile but details were foggy. However, yesterday we confirmed a deal to sell our home in the Bellevue section of Nashville. Sad to leave a place that has been wonderful for us, but it's time. 

We are moving to Waltham, Mass, one of the communities of Greater Boston. (Yes we KNOW it's cold!). Our daughter, Corianna, is established there and has a job for us! ...more about that later.

I will continue to write, and perform when I can. I'll keep you informed of all that.

In the meantime, again, check out THE GOLDBLOODS on YouTube.

Spread the word and let me know.

See you down the road.

-- Hugh

Kesha's RAINBOW debuts at #1!! (Click on Blogs to see the screenshot) 



This is a big deal! 

Kesha's new album (first in years) RAINBOW debuted this week on the Billboard album charts at #1!  The album includes "Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You" as a duet with Dolly Parton. (Pebe Sebert and I wrote the song together...a few years back.) Congratulations to Kesha! I am incredibly proud to be a part of this very personal statement from a great artist! 

---------- Hugh

My original album for Rounder/Philo released again! 


LOVING YOU, my first album for Rounder/Philo, has been released again through AirPlay Direct, an online international radio distribution service.  The lead song for this release is my duet version of "Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You" featuring Kathy Mattea. 

The AirPlay Direct live album chart shows my album at the top today! Check it out!

(This is a live chart that changes constantly. It's 5PM Nashville time as I post this, hopefully it will still be on the chart when you look at it.!)

Anyway, thanks to all my friends at radio around the world who keep playing my music!

See you down the road...

-- Hugh

Kesha and Dolly! 


Kesha has a new album coming out on August 11, the first in years because of the...unpleasantness.  Congratulations to Kesha!  

ALSO - on the album will be a new recording of "Old Flames Can't Hold a Candle to You" as a duet with Dolly Parton.  I heard the recording several months ago and it's great!! I had no idea what would be done with it. Now I know.

Hope all of you are well.

See you down the road.

-- Hugh


For Dean Barnes 


We lost a treasure this week.

Dean Barnes passed away, a British guitarist of blues and country, among the greatest, as yet undiscovered by the world.

He was not yet 50, should have had decades left to share his beauty.

Take some time to sample some of this series of videos:

so long, Dean, see you down the road.

-- Hugh