LONG WIDE OPEN ROAD available worldwide 

Hi again, everyone-

Many of you have discovered this already, but my new album, Long Wide Open Road, is available to stream and download on all major music outlets, including Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, and Amazon Music.

The CD is of course available here on my Music page.

Please let me know if you listen to it.

See you down the road,

-- Hugh


My new album, Long Wide Open Road, consists of eleven songs I've never recorded before. Many are new, some are from earlier periods. It was produced in Nashville with the help of Biff Watson as producer. 

For a broadcast preview of some of the songs, WCUW in Worcester, Massachusetts will stream a feature on the album as a world premier. It will be between 1100 and 1200 Eastern Daylight Time on Friday, June 7, 2019. Here's the link to the stream: 

You may go to my music page for the album, and it is available on iTunes and Spotify. Let me know what you think! 

See you down the road. 

-- Hugh

New album on the way - LONG WIDE OPEN ROAD 

Hi all- 

I’m in Nashville finishing the recording of a new album. The album will be titled LONG WIDE OPEN ROAD and consists of 11 songs of mine that I’ve never recorded before. I'm working with the legendary Nashville musician (and longtime friend) Biff Watson as co-producer. I'm very excited about this. I expect to have the CD available around the end of May. Musicians who play or sing on the songs are Biff, Martin Delray, Jay Patten, Brent Moyer, Eddie Bayers, Susie "Suchi" Waters Benjamin, and Wade McCurdy. This is turning out really, really well. I can't wait to have it in my hands! 

BTW - I have added the lyrics to the songs on my album ONLY ALONG FOR THE RIDE to the lyrics page.  Lyrics to the new album will also be available at release. 

My fall European tour is about to add some more dates. I will post when confirmed. 

In the meantime, I add to my Pencils blogs regularly. Check them out. If you want to be notified when a new one posts just follow me on Twitter @hughmoffatt. 

See you down the road! 

-- Hugh

Show in Worcester, Massachusetts on March 31, 2019 

Hi all-

I will do a show for WCUW radio, in their front room stage, on Sunday, March 31. This is includes Chuck and Mud and is for my old friend Troy Tyree. 

Details of this along with the currently updated itinerary for my tour in Europe and the UK in the fall are under SHOWS.

Also, I am now adding to my "Pencils-Physics and Philosophy Blogs" each Wednesday. If you want to be notified when these post, please follow me on twitter. @hughmoffatt.

See you down the road!

-- Hugh

New Physics and Philosophy blog added 


If you are following my Physics and Philosophy musings, I just added a new one titled "Creation". Just hover over the "Physics and Philosophy" button above and it will magically appear!

See you down the road

-- Hugh

UK and European Tour coming in the Fall (and report on a play reading) 

Hi again-

A few of the dates are set for my tour in October-November.

Please see Shows link above for details. More coming soon!

Also, on November 4, 2017, the very talented Michael Ofori directed a staged reading of my full length play Restless at Boston University with a wonderful cast of BU students: Nick Walker, Oreine Robinson, VonDerrick Taylor, Dani Palmer, Christian Scales, Conor Paradis, and Tatianna Jackson.

It was well received with very helpful comments from both the cast and the audience. I have revised again and keep on towards a full production somewhere someday!

See you down the road!

-- Hugh

Happy 2019 

Hi everyone-

Please take time everyday to wish someone well or help someone out. Nothing moves the world out of darkness more than each one of us doing something daily to be better, to make someone else's life a little better, maybe someone who irritates you. We all have to get along somehow.

Even if you're doing other things for the world, do this too!

Looks like I'll be back on the road in 2019.

One date in Worcester, MA in March and then a tour in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, and Germany in the fall.

Watch for dates!

See you down the road

-- Hugh

Join me at Hezekiah Stone's on June 7, 2018 

Hi all-

I will be part of the farewell concert for this coffee house series near Leicester, MASS.

Old friend and wonderful poet Tim Mason has hosted the series for years and is now moving on.

See the events page for details.

See you there!

Other news is that Mary and I are beginning to get a rhythm running The Sherman Guest Home. Here's the website:

Come stay with us when you are in Boston.

------ Hugh