Jonas Fjeld - "To the Bone" - album links (multiple platforms) 

Hi all-

A lot happening in a short period of time. Here is a link to the newly released album To the Bone by Jonas Fjeld. Actually this links to a page that has links to the album on 10 different music services. You can pick your favorite!

I'm really proud of the the 9 songs that Jonas and I wrote for this album. And that's not to mention the songs he wrote with other lyricists. They are all wonderful, and I'm honored to be included.


------- Hugh

Album "TO THE BONE" released - first reviews 

Hi all-

The Jonas Fjeld album To the Bone with several of my collaborations with him has released. Here are the first reviews. Very exciting!

I have some shows in Nashville and Memphis coming up in October and November. I'll post them soon!

See you down the road...

---- Hugh

"Dust in My Wallet" released! 

Hi all-

"Dust in my Wallet", the new single by Jonas Fjeld that he and I wrote is out. Here's the link on Americana UK, with some comments by Jonas: 

and on Spotify: 


See you down the road!

--- Hugh

More songs coming! 

Hi all-

Good things are happening! More songs being released.

I have been working with my old friend, the Norwegian singer-songwriter, Jonas Fjeld, for two years now on songs for his upcoming album entitled To the Bone. The album will release later in September, but the first single from it, "Dust in my Wallet", will be premiered in the UK on Americana UK on September 1. Here's the link

The song is from a title that Jonas had. It's about life for a guy starting on the road as a musician and for the one who loves him. Though the life is worth it by a million miles, it's not ever easy. This is snap shot of how it sometimes feels. Look for it! (Actually listen for it...)

About the same time, the single by Daniel Wesley Africa "Forever (the Whistle Song)", which I reported released on internet outlets a few weeks ago, will begin going to radio in the UK and in South Africa. This song and video is the happy side of life and love. It's how it's supposed to be all the time! (Well, maybe not all the time, but when it is, it's great!)

Let me know what you think!

See you down the road,

---------- Hugh

New Song Release Coming Friday! 


I've been promising exciting things for 2022 for a long time. Well, one is happening this weekend.

The South African Country star, Daniel Wesley Africa, is releasing on Friday, "Forever (The Whistle Song)", that John Peppard and I wrote with him. This initial release will happen in South Africa, Britain, and Europe. I'll will send a link to the song and the video (pretty fun video!) this weekend as soon as I get all the info together.

In the meantime there are some teasers on Daniel's Facebook page

I'm really excited about this and it's just the start. More to come!

See you down the road!

-- Hugh

New Video Page Added Under "Music" 


I have created a new page under the "Music" heading. If you hover over "Music" you will see a drop down that says, "Hugh's Songs by Other Artists (YouTube)". If you click on that, you will find a new page that has three YouTube videos of recordings of songs of mine by artists that you might not know or have access to. Many are overseas, but all are recordings I am very proud of.

Please check it out!

-- Hugh

TV Pilot script added to Dramatic Writing page 

Hi again- 

I have added the pilot to a half-hour episodic series that I am developing. It's about a teenage couple who are separated into parallel universes as a result of a horrific accident. They will spend the series trying to find their way back to each other. But did what each remembers really happen? And if it did, does the other still remember...or care? 

Like all the writings posted there, it's free to download the script. 

Check it out and let me know what you think. 

See you down the road! 

- Hugh