Christian Reward 

            Christianity is not about seeking reward. It is about giving to others; treating everyone as if they were yourself. I think they are. 

            When Jesus spoke of building up treasures in heaven, he opened a can of worms. People don’t tend to associate his other statement “the kingdom of heaven is within you” with the heaven of their treasures, but it is the same. 

            I don’t believe there is an afterlife. As I have said elsewhere, temporal discussions don’t have meaning. There is no “after”. I don’t mean we don’t exist after death, I mean there is no where or when in which to exist after death. It has no meaning. Death has no meaning. It is only in our habitual way of perceiving the world. 

            We do not cease to exist. We never began to exist. 

            We are eternally now. 

            Love everyone. Give to others. Resist tyranny and injustice, even as you love the tyrannical and the unjust you are resisting. You are in heaven eternally in this. Not later. Now. 

            This is the Christ. 

Hugh Moffatt 
Waltham, Massachusetts 
April 2, 2018