Switzerland Part 3

Riding the train from Innsbruck to Chur was again spectacular. There is a long tunnel 50 km or so before the Swiss border and after that the valleys and mountains are extreme. I took a few photos from the window of the train.  (Click here)

Arriving in Chur I took a taxi to the hotel Freieck and caught up a little on email.

Ernst Eggenberger, and old friend, met me at the hotel and we walked to the Werdstatt, a tavern that was the venue for the night. I met Reto who was running sound, and after the sound check got a couple of photos of the beautiful room with balcony and extreme spiral staircase that goes three stories.

Walter, the promoter, met us for dinner. He's a great guy and another friend from years ago. I had to cancel a date with him a couple of years ago. I had planned to come to Europe but health disasters in our extended family forced me to cancel the plans. This was only the second time in 35 years of touring I had had to do that.

The show was great again. It was actually different. For some reason I changed up the sets and did a few different songs instead. Just felt right for the room and the crowd. Marcus Heeb, who used to run a record shop in Chur, came also. Last time I saw him was 15 years ago when he visited us in Nashville.

Great time! And now farewell to Switzerland for 2014...

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