Switzerland Part 2 (Diessenhofen)

Got in yesterday and spend the evening with Richard Dobson and his wife, Edith Brunold. I have known Richard since 1974 in Nashville. He has now lived in Switzerland for more than a decade. Edith is from Diessenhofen, but they met in the US. Richard is a great songwriter and author. He has several volumes now of his newsletters and is working on a novel. His song Baby, Ride Easy is on a new album from Johnny Cash that was recorded years ago and was stuck in label legal issues and is only now being released. Great song, will be a great album.

This morning I walked to Richard and Edith about 10:20. WE went for a walk about 1.5 hours along the Rhine and back beside farmland. Looked into St Katherine cathedral. Beautiful, from the early 1700's. Saw the castle. This town like many dates from the Roman times.

Show is at the Loewen, a Gasthaus in the middle of town.

Place filled up and show at 8 went really well. Richard did Baby Ride Easy after Rose of my Heart. It was a hit! Two genuine encores again. I finished with Life's not Long Enough.

Christian and Guada Zoller from Schaffhousen were there. They have the daughter Michelle who used to write to me in English. She is an editor now. Their brother also there. The 3rd brother is the one I ran into in Marguerite River Australia.

On to Laupen next.

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