Laupen wonderful!

We left Sumiswald about 1P and got in the Hotel Baeren in Laupen about 2:30.  

Yes, another hotel Baeren. Animals are big for hotel names in Switzerland. They are mostly Baeren (bears), Hirschen (deers), Loewen (lions), or Adler (eagle).  Sternen (stars) is another popular name.

Laupen has a huge castle (see photos) and our venue (Die Tonne) was on an ancient cobblestone street winding up to it. Die Tonne means barrel or cask, as in for wine. It's a wine cellar. Getting into it means unlocking a huge door descending under the street! (see photo) It's dungeon like, but fantastic for a show. 

The place was packed. It all went great.

On to Olten!

(photos are under Euro 2016)

---- Hugh

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