Netherlands and North Germany 5 (Lichtenvoorde, part 2)

Saturday, March 29 - Lichtenvoorde

We went to the venue about 4:45, the hotel 'tZwaantje. Timo arrived 5 to set up. Sound check about 6, very easy. Timo is very good. Has a lot of fancy tech stuff. He is a systems engineer.

Great dinner, salmon, fries and vegetables and salad. AND sample of three ice creams with whipped cream. Wonderful!

My old friend, Johannes Bodingiuis, came and we talked for about 15 minutes. Great to catch up, if a little rushed. He's one of those rare artists who works in a non-native language. He is a Dutch singer-songwriter who writes his songs in English. He's very good at it. He came tonight after conducting a finger-picking clinic in the afternoon.

Jan Schonkeren and his son-in-law, Jean Francois, came with friends from Bree in Belgium. Wonderful to see them. I have played many times in Bree and have a lot of friends there. I hope to get there again in the future. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of them!

Show was great. Ellio played very well. There were almost the same number in the audience as the night before for Gail and many came both nights! I would say about 80 people were there.

The time changed, so it was very late when we got back to the house. Long day tomorrow!

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