Netherlands and North Germany 2 (Valthermond and Greven)

During the day Annie and Lambert and I went for an hour walk through the woods nearby. It used to be farmland but wasn't really good for corn (wheat actually I suppose) and 25 years ago they planted the forest. The tree trunks are bright green. It looked like a fairy land. Trees about 40 feet tall, all young.

The concdert was in Lambert and Annie's home. There were more than 20 people packed into the small space. very cosy. Several of them had been at the concert last night and wanted to hear it all again! As I told a few of them, I never get tired of these songs, why should I think they would?

It was a warm and wonderful night. The Dutch duo of Mireille Spijk and Ruud de Bruin on the spur of the moment joined me for "Jack and Lucy" which they do in their show. Mireille sang Katy's duet part and Ruud found a warm baritone harmony for the chorus to go with my tenor. It was magic. I heard later that Ruud had to drive a couple of hours to get to this concert. What a compliment.

Unfortunately, I forgot to get photos! Too much fun.

March 23 - Greven (Germany)(House Concert)

Lambert and Annie drove me to Greven, about 120 km away. It was another house concert, this time in the home of Klaus and Barbara Hoffman. It's near the border of Germany and the Netherlands, so several Dutch folks were there, again including some who were at the Borger concert on Friday.

It was another warm response. Each of these three shows have had standing ovations, spontaneous and genuine. In addition to the music, they had beef and sauerkraut. I had bread and sauerkraut, still very good!

See the photo of Kraus and Barbara. Note the Johnny Cash pullover that Klaus is wearing? He gave it to me! Oh yes, the photo of the audience only shows half of them, they were on both sides...

What a wonderful swing through this part of Europe. Thanks to Lambert and Annie for making it all happen.

Next is days off with my niece, Zaou, in Nijmegen. She lives in a castle! I'll have pictures for sure.

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