Germany Part 2

During the day, Peter took me to a nature walk and African art complex in the next province. Wonderful to walk and look at the birds and the water, lakes. A lookout tower of wood. Met the folks from the art complex, one old man from South Africa. They asked me about my Maxwell's equations T-shirt. It was warm enough that I carried my coat. There were a lot of interesting small buildings including a tiny round chapel. The tavern had a poster of how to order beer in about 20 languages!

Then we went to Peter's home, had a snack and sat on the back porch in the sun a looked out over the field behind. Very nice. a few kilometers away.

The show in Langanau for Peter and the Country Friends Koetz went very well. One young woman was tremendously moved by my songs, particularly Remembering. We talked for awhile, she was very emotional and fulfilled by the experience. This is why I do this. It opens people up.

Peter, Anne Marie, Eberhard, and Monika went to Eberhard, and Monika's home. I slept for an hour on a couch, then Peter and I went to Radio Free FM in the old part of Ulm. Wonderful old building with artsy paintings on the walls.

Did on air interview with Friedrich and Elf (they were at the show and also at the first show I did in Germany in Tubingen in 1988). Interview 12-1A. Played my cuts by Conway, Merle, and from my new album and one live (Tiger's) and one cut from Alan West's CD (Whiskey Up).

Back to hotel and to sleep 2A

Monday, March 10 - WALDKRAIBURG

Waldkraiburg is an unusual city. Instead of the usual centuries old structures, this city was built from nothing after WW II. It had been the location of an ammunition factory but that blew up and cleared a lot of land area, so they just built and new town!

Hansjoerg Malonek met me at the train station. He is my longest time European friend. I first met him at the Winterhawk bluegrass festival in 1987. He booked be for a 4 month tour in 1988 which is where I met most of the others of my old friends. He used to live in Villingen but moved to WAldkraiburg for a job. He is the head of the Kultur Haus here and books shows of all kinds all year round. He is very busy!

My show was in a beautiful little theater, high rising rows of seats, great lighting and stage. Lemmy the sound engineer was great. Went very well. A little difficult to get response from the audience 1st set but no problem really. Great during 2nd set. They loved the songs. Hansjoerg was ecstatic. I forgot to do Cloudy in the first set, just skipped it. Did cloudy as last encore. Got two genuine encores. It was great!

March 11 - Villingen

It's a fairly long train ride to Villingen. I snapped a photo of the train compartment where I spent about 3 hours writing. I always have something to do!

Villingen is a 600 year old walled city. Exactly different from Waldkraiburg. It is full of traditions. Fassnacht has just ended. That is the week long European version of Mardi Gras. Villingen celebrates in traditional masks and costumes. It is a large city wide party.

Michael Hils met me at the station. I have known him for 20 years. We walked to Hotel Pension. I remember this. It's run by an old couple, not very up to date. I left my bag then we walked to Michael’s place around the corner in the old town where his car was parked and drove to the Schaur . Did a sound check with Armen, very easy. Talked briefly with Erbse, the main sound man, but he was leaving it to Armen tonight. That was fine!

M and I to Italian place for dinner. Many places are closed to rest just after Fassnacht. It's very late this year because of how late Easter is.

Again a very uncomfortable 1st set for me, but then it all turned around. Somehow it always works. Great response. Very emotional again. One couple came because of Christoph's interview on Swiss radio. We are very close to Switzerland.

The next morning I took a run all the way around the walled city, about 15 minutes. Then visited with Michael and he helped me to once again wire some money home. We'll see if this gets through more easily. He took me to lunch at a beautiful Greek restaurant in a very old building. I took a photo of it and also of the beer that Michael ordered. Just wanted everyone to see what the head on a glass of German beer looks like!

Train to Diessenhofen (Switzerland) at 14.10 (2:10 PM)!

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