"Reaching Out" and "The Mome Raths"

Hi again- 

I have just posted to the Dramatic Writing page a short film script (9 pages) called "Reaching Out" and a short play (11 pages) called "The Mome Raths".  

The idea for "Reaching Out" came from the story of a friend of mine in Pullman, Washington. She had an encounter like this after the sudden death of her husband. I, of course, invented all the details, but I hope I captured the heart of what she told me. It's a beautiful story. 

The title of "The Mome Raths" comes, of course, from "The Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll. The characters and the story come from one of those strange places we dip into and out of once in a while. I just happened to capture one of those moments.

It's all free to download. 

I hope you enjoy them! 

------- Hugh