"Dimensionality 1" - Filzbach, Switzerland, 3/28/16

Dimensionality is a tricky feature of our universe. We perceive three spacial dimensions and experience time in one direction. A lot to think about. Today I'm focusing on what it means to be limited in dimensions. 

Everything we see has three dimensions. We sometimes say a sheet of paper is two dimensional, but it's got a small third dimension. Think about it. If it didn't, it wouldn't exist at all! 

This seems important to me. A thought experiment; think of a box with length, width, and height and start shrinking it down on the height axis. The box gets less and less high. The length and width aren't changing, but the height keeps shrinking. Now shrink it down to nothing on the height axis. There's no more box. It's gone. There's only a bare place where it was sitting. You never changed the length or the width, but with zero height it doesn't exist. 

So, here is an axiom of our universe; Anything that exists must have a non-zero magnitude in every dimension of our universe, even if there are dimensions that we can't see, and physicists tell us that's rather likely. 

"Everything" includes us...if you assume we exist. 

Where did the dimensions come from and why is there a certain finite number of them (whatever it may be)? 

More later. 

---------- Hugh

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