Coda - “No Time At All” – Hoorn, Netherlands, 4-18-16 

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One thing I didn’t mention is the possibility that the flow of time doesn’t really exist other than in our minds. 

I noted earlier that Special Relativity can be interpreted this way, and General Relativity doesn’t distinguish a separate time dimension, just four equivalent dimensions of space-time. 

Time, particularly the flow of time in one direction only, is allowed but not required by the physics. 

So time could be another part of our three-dimensions-in-four illusion. 

In this view, the universe is static, without time, and what we call the past and the future exists all at once. We just don’t experience it all at once, but little bits at a time. It’s like a film that exists in its entirety on a DVD but we experience it by reading the DVD from the beginning to the end. It wouldn’t mean anything, or even really exist, if we could see it all at once, which we can’t. 

There are a lot of considerations as to how this universe might work, but ultimately the conclusion is the same: we don’t know. Any type of existence that doesn’t involve time we can’t understand. Some say we can access it directly without thought. Maybe. But that isn’t understanding. 

It’s a mistake to confuse understanding with direct knowledge. And it can be very, very destructive. 

More to come… 

----- Hugh

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