A Park Bench (A Web Series) - Season One Script
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A PARK BENCH is a script for a web series consisting of 22 ten-minute episodes. The story centers on an old southern woman who lives in a nursing home and the young Englishman she pays to take her to the park to smoke. Oh yes, he's also an alien in love with an earth girl and desperately wants to become human. He believes she can teach him. She doesn't feel human anymore, so doesn't see what the big deal is.

A lot happens over the course of Season One, and almost all of it happens from their place on a bench in the park where they go for her to smoke and watch the children play. AND---meet an amazing array of humans: evidence that being an alien doesn't actually stand out at all.

A note for those not familiar with reading screenplay formats: "(V.O.)" means "voice over" and "(O.S.)" or "(O.C.)" means "off screen" or "off camera". Both indicate that part of the dialogue is heard over the visual without the speaker being in the frame.

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