Turbenthal and adios to Switzerland

We drove without any traffic problems from Waldkraiburg to Turbenthal. The border crossings were uneventful, a good thing. 

The gasthaus Tulpenbaum is in Feubrunn, just 5 km from Turbenthal. It's beautiful, set on a farm. I have photos in Euro 2016.

The show was wonderful Robby and Sylvia do a fantastic job of making the experience good for audience and artists.

Paul came early and brought the hangup bag I left in Filzbach. That was kind of him. He had to go to some trouble. My fault!

My old tennis friend from 2010, Beat Vogele, came to the concert. It was great to see him. He's doing well. He lives in the area.

Off to Langenau in Germany today. No more shows for Switzerland. It's been a wonderful tour here.

- Hugh

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