Switzerland Part 2 (Laupen)

Walked to visit Richard and Edith. Talked literature with Richard, great to do.

He drove me to the Loewen, got my stuff into the car and drove to bahnhof
Train 14:12 to Schaffhousen, then to Zürich, to Bern, to Laupen 16:21. (Yes, there is a castle!)

Christian met me and we walked to the venue, an old wine cellar that opens with big wooden doors down under the street, looks like a dungeon entrance. Like a stone Quonset hut inside. Did sound check then drove to their home.

Met Dan and Susan, Tonja’s parents, Tonja is Christian's wife. They have Etienne (3.5) and Laurence (girl) (1.5). cute energetic, both of them.

To show, I walked down the street and got a photo of the castle all lit up and with the nearly full moon behind it.

Show was great. Three encores and lots of audience participation lead by Tonja. She is irrepressible.

Filzbach is next.

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