Switzerland Part 2 (Filzbach and Pieterlen)

Train to Bern 12:12 then to Zürich, then to Ziegelbrucke where Paul met me.

Took me to Kulturbuhne Lihn in Filzbach, on the side of a mountain above Ziegelbrucke, overlooking the Walensee, except it was foggy. Very beautiful the next morning. See the photos!

We did a short sound check that went well since Paul knows the songs. Met Hannes who is the promoter. Nice guy.

Dinner was a little complicated as the Salmon that was on the poster board menu wasn't actually on the menu. Hannes arranged some for me anyway.

Rested a little. Talked to some of the audience, most of whom came for the buffet dinner also. Good people.

Show at 8:30. Full. Probably 70 people at least. Largest crowd yet. Went very well. This show is a winner!

Sunday, March 16 - Pieterlen

On train 11:00 to Zürich. 12:04 train to Biel. arr 13:13.

Stephen and Petras met me. Petras is Greek airline pilot. We went to Stephen and Monika's house. Cheese and bread and talked. Petras loved talking about Convair and my father's airplanes.

Met Ursula and Werner, volunteers. They drove me to venue, called Himmel “heaven”, hence “Folk in Heaven” the name of the series. Did sound check with Matt. Very easy. Great room. Walked back and took 20’ nap. Changed clothes, walked to venue. Werner Rolli and Elizabeth there. Also Beatrice, old friend from Bern. Close to Philippe Nicolet, a great guy, a dear friend, who died suddenly in December, too sudden.

Peter Trachsel from Mahogany Hall days was there, but I mistook him for Aschi Maurer. Introduced him from the stage, very embarrassing for me. Turned out it was his birthday, so I got to sing happy birthday for him with everyone. Geri and Christine there.

Show at 5P. Was incredible. More than 90 people. I got a standing ovation after the first encore which included Juniper Canyon because Beatrice requested it. It's her favorite song on the album! Another convert.

Werner Rolli took some photos. I've finally got some performance shots of me. (See the photos.)

Afterwards an "Artist's Dinner" at Monika and Stephen’s. He is American from Colorado working for Omega watches in Biel. All were there. Clockwise from lower left in the group photo: Stephen, Monika, Geri Stoker, Ursula (from the club) Elizabeth Rolli, Christine Stoker, Werner Rolli, Werner (from the club), Petras, Matt, and a club member I didn't catch his name.

They did a four camera video of the whole show! Stephen also told me in their whole history that is only the 2nd ever standing ovation.

Drove to Basel with Geri and Christine. Watched end of Fed Djok match. Very close. Fed almost came back and won it. Just didn't play a good tiebreak. To sleep 00.25.

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