Netherlands and North Germany 4 (Lichtenvoorde)

Left Nijmegen on Wednesday. One unexpected twist.

Paul, one of Zaou's flat mates, found out the busses weren't running because of parking issues. He's actually a bus driver for Arriva and thinks it's silly.

So I waited till he got ready for work and he dropped me at the Nijmegen Zend stop. (see photo) Thank you, Paul!

Decided not to take the Sprinter, the slow train that came first, but waited for the faster IC that came later. Turned out to be a bad decision as I had to change platforms in Zutphen and the connection (4’) was too short. Luckily Carel still has the same phone number from 20 years ago. I called him and caught the next train 30’ later.

Gail Davies and band played Friday, the night before my show. (Click here for photos) Gail and I have known each other for a lot of years. She is, of course, one of the great singers ever in Nashville, and a legendary pioneer for women in the Nashville music industry. A very successful producer as well as artist.

She invited me to do a couple of songs. We sang duets on Old Flames and How Could I Love Her so Much. It was great! The audience went wild.

We occasionally sing together at gatherings at her home in Nashville, but the last time we shared a stage was on the Ralph Emery TV show on The Nashville Network enough years ago that I don't want to get too specific.

Thank you, Gail!

Tomorrow night I'm on my own on this 't Zwaantje hotel ballroom stage in Lichtenvoorde. Till then...

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