Laupen wonderful!

We left Sumiswald about 1P and got in the Hotel Baeren in Laupen about 2:30.  

Yes, another hotel Baeren. Animals are big for hotel names in Switzerland. They are mostly Baeren (bears), Hirschen (deers), Loewen (lions), or Adler (eagle)…

Sumiswald last night - terrific!

We left the Seminar hotel above the lake in Filzbach about 12:10 and drove to Sumiswald.  (See the photos in Euro Tour 2016).

Our GPS got confused driving through Muhlehorn because the streets go underneath each other and it didn't…

And we begin!

Today Katy and I leave our alpen retreat in Filzbach, almost recovered from the journey across the pond, and embark on..."THE TOUR!"

Off to Sumiswald and beyond.

Among other wonders, I saw a small bird I believe to be the…

Filzbach and Muhlehorn


Katy and I arrived in Zurich airport this morning and managed to find our way to Filzbach halfway up the side of an Alp with two GPS's that didn't agree and finally Katy navigating with the paper maps. (See…

Hello Europe and May Day show in Worcester, Mass

Hi all-

I"m writing this from JFK airport in NYC. Katy and I will be on the flight to Zurich in a couple of hours, then we start the tour. See SHOWS page for details.

ALSO- I will be in…

Hugh Moffatt/Katy Moffatt European tour coming!

Hi all-

The European tour for Katy and Hugh starts in one month!

We have a new CD called Now and Then that will be released very soon also.

We will tour from March 30 until April 17 in Switzerland…

Songs From the Back of the Church - in Nashville


On Saturday, February 27, I will perform my program Songs from the Back of the Church as a fundraiser for Ministry in Pockets at the 61st Ave Methodist Church in Nashville.

It's a great cause, a reaching out to…

A new short film by Hugh!


This is different. I just got back from my residency for my MFA in Writing at Spalding University in Louisville, KY. I've been working towards this degree for a couple of years and expect to finish in June.  My…

Dissolvo Dog!!

Hi Everyone-

This is different. For the last 18 months or so, I have been working with the wonderful artist and illustrator, Julie Sola, to develop a new series of children's picture books: The Dissolvo Dog series. We have just…

New Album Coming! - Hugh and Katy Moffatt!


My sister, Katy Moffatt, and I have recorded tracks for a new duet album!  For several years now we have toured occasionally together but have not made a duet album since Dance Me Outside a LONG time ago.


Pulp FRiction 2015!

Sorry that only Tennessee folks can come, but I wanted everyone to know...

Press Release – For immediate Release

The Pulp FRiction 10-minute Play Festival will run as part of the Proto Pulp Book Show