Bree and home!

We finished the tour with a private, invitation only, performance in Bree, Belgium, that was organized by our old friend Jan Schonkeren. It was another great evening. The small theater was full.  

Thank you, Jan!

We drove all day on Tuesday to Basel (Muttenz, actually) and had dinner with Geri and Christine Stoker. Christoph Schwegler joined us. Geri and Christoph work together on Swiss National radio DR3. Geri is producer and Christoph is presenter. It is their Sunday show that promoted our concerts in Switzerland and helped tremendously to make them a success. At every show, someone said they heard about us on DR3!

Flight home on Thursday was easy. Katy went on to L.A. I had to transfer to LaGuardia from JFK, because American Airlines switched my flight on me. I'll talk to them about that. AA at LaGuardia is not set up to handle Int'l transfers, so it was FAR more difficult than it should have been after 13 hours of travel!

But that's another story...

Home again!

See you down the road.

- Hugh

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